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Angular Universal w/ Material and Firebase, Starter Web ApplicationJust the basics, great for your MVP

Get your app built by the most knowledgeable Angular Universal professionals in the industry. For this package we will be using many open source components.

Angular Universal, Complete Custom Web ApplicationLets crush it, you call the shots

Get your app built by the most knowledgeable Angular Universal professionals in the industry, For the discerning companies, the sky is the limit!

Code and Infrastructure AuditsAudits for existing products

If you have an existing product and are looking for suggestions on modern best practices to ensure long-term sustainability, we can produce a report that breaks down your application and gives you a guide for the future. We can also do periodic code audits for teams that have adopted Angular Universal and Platform as a Service (PAAS). We’ll ensure your apps are set up to operate at maximum performance and be cost-effective over time.

Online ConsultationsConversations to help uplift your current apps and team

We can dig into issues relating to your existing Angular Universal application. Maybe its not working, we can help!

Our SpecialitiesWhat we rock at!
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